ICT Equipment & Computer Accessories Procurement

At Flourish Computers, we understand that reliability is a crucial factor in supply both of quality and timing. If supplies are of poor quality, delivered late or cost more than was agreed, they affect productivity and profitability. Our products are sourced from reputable international manufacturers and local distributors that are well known for high quality products.

Listed below are some of the products we deal on for regular supply to the various IOCs and other clients-

  • Computer and Computer Accessories

We are a leading supplier of Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Desktop Computer, Laptop, Server, Computer Monitor, Adapters, Blank CDs & DVDs, Cables, Chargers, Copiers, Flash Drives, HDMI Splitters, Keyboards, Laptop Cooling Pads, Media Converters, Mice, Modems, Presenters, Shredders, Surge Protectors, USB Hubs, USB Lamps, USB VGA Adapters, USB WiFi Adapters, VGA Cables, Webcams, etc.

  • Network Equipment-

Switches, Routers, Wireless Access Points, Network Cables, Network Patch Panels, Patch Cord,

  • Server-  HP Server, Dell Server, etc.
  • CCTV Cameras & Recorder –

Hidden cameras, true day & night cameras, digital cameras, analog cameras, DVR, NVR, BNC connectors, CCTV cables, etc.

  • Softwares

 Windows Operating Systems, Server Operating Systems, Antivirus, Adobe Professional, etc.

 Whatever your requirement is, we are here to help you to meet it. We supply, install and maintain. Contact us today.