Computer Networking

computer switchesWe are experts at designing and implementation of Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN); Upgrading & Configuration of network devices (Routers, Switches, WAP, etc.). We implement remote desktop access, Site-to-Site VPN, VoIP Solution and Wireless network deployment (WLAN). 


Home Networking Services

  • Home Computer Headaches?
  • Is your computer acting strange?
  • Running slow?
  • Won’t boot up at all?
  • Bombarded by pop up ads and spam email?

The Flourish Computers HOME tuneup package includes:

  • Removal of viruses, spyware, malware & unwanted programs
  • Full virus protection
  • Pop‐up Ad blocking
  • Installation of all necessary Windows updates
  • Hard drive clean‐up & optimization
  • Parental web‐surfing controls (monitor & protect your kids)
  • Training


Business Networking Services

We engineer network solutions that match your business needs ‐ connectivity, data protection, current and future applications, speed, efficiency, and reliability. And you get ongoing support from people who know your business inside out.


  • Systems evaluation
  • Intercom
  • Hardware/Software procurement/configuration
    • Desktop and portable hardware
    • Printers
    • Industry‐leading software
  • Network management
    • Print servers
    • Hub, switch, and router technologies
  • Internet/intranet access
    • Web‐site design & email support
    • Modem systems
    • Data cabling technologies

School Networking Services

Flourish Computers is a Nigeria based company that specializes in providing services to municipalities and schools systems. We have experience working in conjunction with existing IT teams to manage desktop and network upgrades as well as perform simple ongoing repairs and maintenance. At times the large number of desktop systems supported by a small full‐time staff can be overwhelming. Flourish can come in on an as‐needed basis to do on‐site repair and maintenance to deal with these peak periods, and reduce downtime associated with computer problems.



Flourish Computers is one of the fastest growing desktop computer and network support companies in Nigeria. Call us now for a free no obligation on‐site assessment of your current systems +234-812-098-2058, +234-803-058-3525